STOLEN BUSTER has caught Iain Duncan Smith MPs attention, as he writes about the Growing public support for tougher pet theft sentences #PetTheftReform


2020 has been the worst ever year for dog thefts – tougher sentences are needed for pet theft.

Although this may not make national news, for many, many families what is happening to their dogs is heart-breaking. 2020 has seen an increase in dog thefts of 250 per cent in some areas.

More time at home and limitations on social contact has increased demand for dogs, with a 168pc rise in searches for puppies for sale. Sadly, criminals have capitalised on this, as the price of dogs skyrockets.

But dogs are worth far more than their monetary value. As a dog owner myself I know how vital dogs are as companions, therapists and exercise buddies – not to mention the skill of working canines such as sheep dogs and medical detection dogs. They are, for many people, part of the family.

There has been widespread and growing public support for tougher sentences for pet thieves. Pet theft is wrongly categorised as robbery or burglary – in the same category as the theft of an inanimate object – sadly, this then leads only to minimal sentences.

A specific offence for pet theft is needed to deter criminals and to punish those guilty of the theft.

One example caught my attention recently in Woodford Green. Buster, a Romanian rescue dog, was forcibly taken from its owner while on a walk in December and the owner was assaulted.

That’s why it’s vital the government now strengthen the law.

After all pets, such as Buster, are deeply loved and, when stolen, severely missed.

PetTheftReform #FernsLaw

Article in the Ilford Recorder – Iain Duncan Smith MP, Chingford and Woodford Green | 16th January 2021

BUSTER SNATCHED FROM A PENSIONER: Male Labrador Cross Golden (Age: Adult)

Stolen from Essex, IG8 area, South East on 13th December 2020
Taken by 5 people who drove off in car
CONTACT: 07715843040
or call Essex Police on 101