We had to pay to get Coco home #PetTheftReform



Thank you all for your help and advice, Coco has been returned to us safely. She was stolen and apparently sold on. We acquired cctv footage of the man that took her and shared it all over Facebook. We soon came to learn his name. He blackmailed us into paying £250 to get her back, we paid it to just get her home. She is well and now settling back into her family. Again thank you for all your well wishes, support and for sharing x

Stolen from Sheffield on 21st December 2021

Reunited 30th December 2021.

Doglost link: https://doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=172153

#DogTheft #PetTheftReform #PetAbduction #FernsLaw #MakeChipsCount #ScanMe