Warning for dog owners after shocking French bulldog theft in Malvern #PetTheftReform


DOG owners in Malvern have been given panic alarms to help them keep their pups safe. 

Police officers in Malvern began handing out the alarms after a dog was stolen from its owner’s arms in Elgar Avenue. 

Caroline Busby was walking her french bulldog, Luna, when two men took the dog from her and ran.

Sinister CCTV footage showed two men waiting behind a bush shortly before the dog was stolen on Thursday, March 3. 

Luna was found dumped at Strensham and returned to its owners the next day.

A spokesperson from Malvern Cops, who tweeted a picture of the alarms on Twitter, said: “Neighbourhood officers out engaging with dog walkers around Malvern and handing out panic alarms to help them feel more comfortable when out and about, following a recent dog theft.”

LUNA was found abandoned

INFORMATION ON PERSONAL ALARMS FROM THE SUZY LAMPLUGH TRUST: https://www.suzylamplugh.org/faqs/personal-alarms

– The most effective sound is continuous and over 130 decibels (approx 138db is ideal).