Warning about fraudulent microchip databases, leaving your pet’s in danger of not getting home. #MakeChipsCount



Are PetsMicrochip, PetChipDetails, All Paws and UKPetChipRegistry SCAM MICROCHIP DATABASES ?
In short, YES.

You are paying for a service that is not a Government approved pet database. You will also be potentially leaving yourself vulnerable to identity fraud as your personal details are on their website and in some instances, they are making this information available to the public. But worse still if your dog or cat are lost and their microchip registration is checked, the chip will either show as unregistered or with no contact information to reach you.

If you recognise that you may have accidentally signed up to any of these sites – we hope you have sufficient information to know what to do next. Whilst you’ll be looking to receive your funds back from them, it’s more important that you register your pet with an approved pet microchip database immediately – a pet can go missing at any time and it’s important that vets and wardens are able to obtain your contact details in that situation.

All is not lost!

Check your microchip registration is on a compliant database that meets Government standards. Some are good some not so good, even a couple of big well known databases lost registrations when updating their systems – everyone should double check.

You can check out your microchip registration on this #ChipChecker which cross checks all the 22 official databases instantly: https://www.petdatabase.com/chip-checker

This is the full list of the 22 Government approved databases, if you are not on one of these you could receive a £500 fine and another fine for out of date contact information. This will also apply to cats from 10th June 2024: https://www.gov.uk/get-your-dog-cat-microchipped

If you cannot find your pet’s microchip number the following might help:

🐾 Contact your usual vet as they may have recorded the number on their client records.

🐾 Contact the microchip implanter, if not your usual vet.

🐾 Take your pet to be scanned at your local vet, rescue centre or dog warden service.

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