URGENT HELP NEEDED: Save the pet theft amendments for #PetTheftReform #FernsLaw Deadline for MP support, 1st July at 3pm UPDATE: 5th July 2021


Confirmation that Pet Theft will be included in the Police Bill.

Update on the three amendments tabled by Iain Duncan Smith from the Lord Chancellor in the Police, Crime, Sentencing Court Bill debate on Monday, 5th June 2021:

“As my Rt Hon Friend knows we have discussed the pressing issue of pet theft on a number of occasions. As a pet owner myself I understand the depth of feeling amongst many across the United Kingdom and the very worrying rise in often violent, pet crime, particularly during the pandemic. I have looked carefully at New Clauses, 14, 15 and 16 which seek to resolve this issue by banning cash sales, making it compulsory for vets to scan for microchips and making pet theft a specific offence. After the last time we spoke, I set up the government pet theft taskforce and ministers have been looking carefully at how to resolve this worrying problem. That task force is completing its mission soon and we will be ready to start drawing up measures to resolve the issue.

To that end, I say in the strongest terms that we will act to drive out this pernicious crime.

My Rt Hon Friend’s New Clauses address some of these key issues at the heart of where we will take action and I give him and others with him this assurance, that it is our fixed intention to make necessary changes to this Bill in the Lords, before it returns to the Commons once we have finalised the detail of exactly what is needed, using a range of powers including primary legislation. The effect of these changes will, I believe help achieve what he is seeking to do today.”

#PetTheftReform #FernsLaw #MakeChipsCount

MPs who supported one or more of the amendments tabled by Iain Duncan Smith and sponsored by Tom Hunt MP:
Stephen McPartland
Andrew Rossindell
Mr Andrew Mitchell
Siobhan Baillie
Tracey Crouch
Jane Stevenson
Craig Tracey
Mohammad Yasmin
Mr Phillip Hollobone
Sir John Hayes
Matt Vickers
Julian Knight
Henry Smith
John McDonnell
Jason McCartney
Steve Brine
Tim Loughton
Andrew Selous
Greg Smith
Andrew Gwynne
Sir Roger Gale
Munira Wilson

Tabled amendments: https://www.iainduncansmith.org.uk/news/police-crime-sentencing-and-courts-bill-amendments-regarding-issue-pet-theft

Please thank your MP if their name is on the list.


Template letter:

Subject: URGENT

Dear ______MP,

Please support these critical Pet Theft Amendments to the Police, Crime Sentencing & Court Bill.

The amendments cover:

• Making it mandatory for vets to scan the microchips when pets are brought in – AMENDMENT NC15

• Making the offence of pet theft a specific category of crime, carrying much more significant fines and sentencing – AMENDMENT NC16

• Banning cash sales of pets – AMENDMENT NC14

DEADLINE: by 3pm Thursday 1st July 2021

Kind regards

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#PetTheftReform #FernsLaw