This is how the pet microchip system doesn’t work to help reunite missing pets.  Snowy is the latest victim and finder would not return him home but once the police get involved he is now back home! #PetTheftReform

This is how the pet microchip system doesn’t work to help reunite missing pets. Snowy is the latest victim and finder would not return him home but once the police get involved he is now back home! #PetTheftReform

UPDATE:- SNOWY REUNITED ❤️😻❤️. Message from Jane who has fought passionately to get her boy home: Snowy is home! We collected a stressed Snowy from the vets yesterday late afternoon. The people who found him took him away last May, vets treated him two weeks ago and Petlog contacted me to give permission to transfer the microchip data to the new ‘owner’. If I hadn’t involved the police, they would not have returned him. The system is broken – they thought they were better keepers! They’d like us to keep them informed on how he is doing – the sheer audacity! 4th February 2019!

Snowy missing since May’18 now reported as stolen as finder will not return him to his heartbroken family!

The old article below is from 2013 but we have just shared a post on missing Snowy who’s owner is in the same predicament, January 2019.

Data protection works against families of missing pets and favours the finders!

A microchip is not proof of ownership, we are not owners we are ‘keepers’ – which only indicates where the pet resides.

Other information you will need in a civil court action to get your pet home:

Police Crime Reference Number


Purchase receipt

Vet bills

Kennel Club registration

Insurance papers

Proof you have been searching for your pet.

Snowy’s story:

Snowy has been missing since May 2018. His microchip registration is up to date and flagged as missing. You can imagine Jane’s shock when she got a call from Petlog, giving her 14 days to give permission for the microchip registration to be changed to the new ‘owners’ !!!

‘Theft By Finding’ is a crime and now the process begins to fight to get microchipped Snowy back home.

Do you know who has Snowy?

Post from Jane

“Does anyone know where Snowy is? He is alive and I’m hoping still in the area. Petlog have made contact and we’re dealing with recovering him legally, but if you have seen or know of this long haired, blue eyed, male cat please encourage the family who have him to make contact so we can try and sort things out.

He may have been shaved – photos show him with long hair, sorry about the poor quality! Please don’t comment about the situation I find myself in (I know it’s not fair and have your good wishes), I just need to raise awareness.

An update: Thank you for helping me raise awareness – I’ve been invited onto BBC Radio Shropshire on Monday morning, 7 am and 8 am, (28th January’19) to talk about this issue – and I’m going to be calling for a change in legislation to ensure owners who find themselves in this position get more help from the vet, micochipping company and police to recover the animal quickly.

I still haven’t found a solicitor who will take my case, the police say it’s a civil matter, and I have only until 5 February to respond, but there is no requirement for the current people to hand him back – so it’s a long and expensive process. Please continue to share – I know I have your support and well wishes.

Many thanks!”

Update 26th January 2019: Update: step closer – West Mercia police have now opened a criminal file. Interview with BBC Shropshire tomorrow. 2 issues:

1. Pet theft is not properly regulated – draft legislation is waiting to go through Parliament to make it clear what Pet theft is so police can get involved quicker and people can get their pets back without it being considered civil.

2nd issue-vets are not required to scan animals, it’s encouraged but not mandated – Defra and Royal Association of vets know they’ve got to mandate it, but reluctant (presumably because they don’t make any money by doing the right thing)-this perputauates the difficulty for anyone who’s pet is missing/stolen and trying to get recovery.

I can confirm that West Mercia Police have not as yet contacted Petlog in regards to this microchip record. 

Petlog say:- Petlog cannot make any adjudication on any dispute over legal ownership for any pets.   The microchip implanted does not denote and equate to proof of legal ownership and does not give or transfer such rights of legal ownership.  The microchip record is intended to assist reunification with the keeper if the pet goes missing.  The primary purpose of a Petlog registration is to hold a record of the current whereabouts and physical location of a microchipped pet for the purpose of identification of such pet in the event the pet becomes lost or stolen.

Both issues will be highlighted to the amazing BBC, who are prepared to listen!

BBC RADIO SHROPSHIRE, Monday 28th January at 7 & 8am.

Thank you for your support!!

Do you know who has Snowy?

Please share to help raise awareness and write to your vet and MP.

#ScanMe #CheckThatChip #TheftByFinding #PetTheftReform

JANE WILL BE ON BBC SHROPSHIRE RADIO AT 7am and 8am, Monday 28th January’19




“Our difficulty in reuniting with Snowy is being highlighted on BBC Radio Shropshire just before 7am and 8am on Monday. Do tune in – we need to get MPs to sign into law the Pet Theft Act and make Defra mandate vets to scan all animals on first visit, read the record and call police in the event your microchipped and registered pet is notified as missing-the system is not fit for purpose with pet theft so high! At some point next week this will go onto TV-I’ve had the call, but I am not sure I want to front this- I just want Snowy back. Police are now acting – theft by finding. I’ll be pressing charges as they’ve continued to hold him for 8 days now.”

This is Brandy’s story from 2013. There has been no improvement to the microchip system in all that time! How many pets disappear this way?

Senka Besirevic from Birmingham lost her cat Brandy seven years ago

Found Brandy last year, taken in by couple as a stray three years earlier

Karen and Carl Green refused to give the cat back and they went to court

Brandy returned to her rightful owner after £1,000 legal battle

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