Theft By Finding: If I could go back and change what happened I would but I can’t, I have to try to live with it #PetTheftReform


What’s it like trying to find your stolen dog 💔

15 months ago somone stole my dog Merton. We were out for a walk when he was taken in South Mimms. I did not realise he had been stolen for the first hour or two. I thought he had got caught somewhere. Looked for him everywhere 14 hours a day for a week, walking, searching, calling, praying. Then it hit home he was gone.

People were very kind and came to help search and shared on FB. Doglost were brilliant and drone SAR helped too but no sign of him.

I just want you to know that for each and every day since then I have continued to search, I have cried every single day. He has been in my thoughts constantly. I have been and still go to same very deep dark places at times when I think of him. Every where I go I look for him, every free ad I check, every dog selling site I scan daily. It has destroyed me.

If you ever have to talk to someone who has lost a dog in this way please can I gently remind you that Yes, it has crossed our minds that our lost dogs might be terrified, abused, in pain, cold, chained up under a caravan or used as bait dogs there is no need for you to tell us these things when we are already in a state of torment.

I have also been told it was my own fault and I deserved it for walking him, letting him off the lead and not neutering him.

Then there are the prank callers and criminals who ring us telling us they have our dogs and will return it for money or that tell us they are being tortured somewhere.

If I could go back and change what happened I would but I can’t, I have to try to live with it.

Please just think for a few seconds before you say something to someone who has had a dog stolen because you may be the one to tip them over the edge into the abyss.


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Theft By Finding: If you find a lost dog you have a legal obligation to find the dog’s family and report to the local animal warden, you can also get the dog’s microchip registration checked at a local veterinary clinic.


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