Stolen puppies abandoned in a box are now safely back home and vet explains how easy it is to check their microchip registration to reunite them! #PetTheftReform #FernsLaw


Post on Facebook: Stolen puppies reunited at Vets4pets Bedlington today!!
These two beautiful springer spaniel puppies were found in a cardboard box and handed in by a member of the public. They had been stolen from their home in Alnwick last night. Thankfully they were both microchipped and therefore we were able to quickly and easily contact their owners.
After a check over with our Vet Robert, lots of cudddles from the nurses and reception team they are happy to be on their way home safe!!! 💕🐶🐶

Funny how the vet is happy to tell us that thankfully the puppies were microchipped and therefore they were able to quickly and easily contact their owners! This isn’t what we are told by Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and Britain Veterinary Association (BVA), who continue to tell how time consuming and difficult it is to contact families via checking microchip registration at pets first treatment! It’s time RCVS and BVA stepped up to their expected obligation to make microchips count and support the Government’s Compulsory Dog Microchipping Regulations and the families who have microchipped their pets in good faith.

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2 #SpringerSpaniel (liver and white) girl puppies stolen last night. Nearly 8 weeks old.
Stolen from Alnwick area, #Northumberland.
Please share make them too hot to handle.
Please be vigilant, if you hear of anything or know anyone who has just got a puppy matching this description get in touch.
Puppies are microchipped.
Police aware.