Stolen dog was found on SnapChat #PetTheftReform

Stolen dog was found on SnapChat #PetTheftReform

Stolen Dog!!!😭, Yesterday, day 20th July 2019 around 10pm near Richards Way by The Palace Close roundabout, Cippenham, Slough a girl from around 13-15 years old, has snatched the lead off us, and police is informed about the whole situation. The dog is 10 Years old, Yellow Labrador with red collar with phone number and his name, he is chipped. Could you please check if your neighbour may have him. If anyone knows where my dog is or see him anywhere or with anyone, please immediately call 07783021127


The police know about the stolen dog however today we found him, 21st July, with the girl who took him with the help of a kind family as we arranged a meeting to “see her new dog” as she posted pictures on snapchat. He is now safe and home😊

What is wrong with people!