REUNITED UPDATE: STOLEN DOG BJORN: Stolen out of a van, window was smashed in and he was taken #PetTheftReform


Last night we got a phone call of a woman that had recently got a dog for her daughter that a friend of hers said looked an awful lot like a stolen dog on Facebook. They compared some photos from the group and thought the dogs looked to be the same hence ringing us to ask if it could be the same pet. We received a few photos and burst out crying, screaming of joy and surprise and just full of all sorts of emotions. It was Björn! It was our baby!!

We called the woman again crying and she was happy and sad at the same time as her family really liked him. We met up outside the family’s home and he ran straight towards the car as he knows the sound of it. He seemed a little confused but okay. The family that had him were sad but said they wouldn’t want to keep a dog knowing he had been stolen and wanted to do the right thing. They had him for two weeks and was in east London so very close to us.

When we was on our way home it’s like something in Björn clicked, he just started howling and barking for a good few minutes. Maybe he was telling us off, maybe it was in happiness, we will never know.

When we got home he behaved like he never was away, he was tired but okay. We had the best sleep ever and have just been cuddling and kissing him all night and day.

He had to get shaved due to severe mats as he needs brushing daily (as most curly dogs) and haven’t been groomed in 5 weeks. We just got to get him some new snuggly jumpers and coats and it will be all good ❤️

Our little family is whole again and we can’t thank you all that have been on this awful journey with us enough for your love and support and most importantly sharing his little face far and wide.
Without you he would still be out there and not curled up in my lap as I’m writing this.
Thank you all, and have a very merry Christmas❤️ 14th December 2021

Male Russian Bolonka, Brown (Age: Adult), microchipped, tagged and wearing a yellow coat.

Stolen from Bluewater shopping centre carpark in front of John Lewis, Dartford, Kent, DA9 area, South East on 6th November 2021.

The owner doesn’t need to be reminded that leaving her dog in the van was a mistake. Please just share to help find Bjorn

CONTACT: 07426 358080
or call Kent Police on 101

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Rare dog ‘stolen’ from van in Bluewater car park:

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The Russian bolonka is a rare toy breed. Björn is brown in colour with lighter fur on his body and legs, and darker fur on his face, ears and tail.

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