Stolen cat SCOOBY was sold on for £50 but is now safely back home #PetTheftReform


Original post from Scooby’s family: Has anyone seen Scooby? We live on Fishergate, the Magdalen Street end near the little park. Scooby was last seen at about 7pm last night. He has a history of getting shut in garages / houses or simply convincing people he’s a stray, but he’d never miss a meal out of choice. Do please keep an eye out for him and check any sheds / garages if you have accessed them recently. Thanks!!


Amazing news… we have just collected Scooby!!! It seems he was stolen on Monday evening and then sold for £50 to a couple living nearby the following day. As soon as they saw the missing poster this evening, they realised what had happened and contacted us. Scooby’s now home, safe and sound. We are shocked that this could happen, but eternally grateful that the couple contacted us immediately. Thank you so much to everyone who has been looking for him for us. You have been amazing!!


Scooby is back home! 🐾💕 For those who doubt that cats are indeed stolen, the story of Scooby being sold on is proof that this is happening to our precious feline family members.

Our data from FOI requests to police forces across the UK shows a shocking INCREASE IN CAT THEFT OF 40% IN 2021 Please have a read of The Cat Theft Report 2022 (Link below) to check out the incidence of cat theft in your area (or at least how seriously your police force are taking the crime. If there are no recorded cat thefts by your force then suspect them of indifference, not of your area being totally crime free! We expect geographical differences but not a blanket pocket of model citizenship! In my own experience, I was NOT awarded a CRN by Norfolk police back in 2013 but it was subsequently proven that Clooney was indeed stolen when his chip was scanned and then his records accessed by two separate vet practices. My beloved boy still isn’t home 💔 ).

Please also sign our government petition calling for cats to be included in the proposed Pet Abduction Offence. (Link below) WE NEED THIS CRIME RECOGNISED. 🐾😿