Since being illegally sold by his adopter, David has been with 4 different people including a dealer #PetTheftReform



In early 2021 we were told by Davids adopter that he had died.

During our follow up we discovered he had in actual fact been sold. The lie about his death had been told to cover up this fact.

David was traced to a family in West Sussex, UK. By the time we contacted them they had SOLD him again.

Since being sold by his adopter David has been with 4 different person including a dealer.

It would also appear that everyone in this chain has profited every time he was sold on!!!!


We have been in contact with home number 5! Based in or near London we believe.
And it is clear from our communication with them that it is their intention to SELL him again ( once they have no more use for him).

The matter is with our legal representatives( solicitor and barrister).
As we continue to pursue the return of our David to MLHR, his rightful owners.

David is worth so much more to us than any amount of money!!

He is not a used toy to be passed on when he has out lived his use.

We did not rescue his mum and see him safely born into our care, for him to have a life like that.


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