Puppy Sebi stolen while on a walk now reunited! #PetTheftReform


He’s home……… thank you everyone for your part in getting him home xxx

28th January 2020.

Please share everywhere!!!!!

Hi everyone,


A lady called today to say she had bought him and hadn’t realised he was stolen. When she realised, she wanted to return him to my little boy.

Sebi is home (can’t believe I’ve written that).

Thank you, thank you, thank you to some very special people; Judy Gibbons and Betty Woodall from Doglost, my new best friend Antonia- you have been incredible, Diana, Jay (you know who you are) you all stuck with me from the start of our search, out night and day.

To the new amazing team Amanda Higham, Karen Clark, Stella McColl, Anne Green, Kate Alaina who worked with Karen Harding, took just 3.5 weeks to get our boy home safely. Without you amazing ladies sharing info, trusting each other and working as a team- this wouldn’t have come off.

We got grief and some nasty comments for changing our approach but look……. we got our boy home.

This is how searching for stolen dogs should be.

Sebs has been checked over by the vet. He is underweight but otherwise very well. He’s exhausted (as we all are). He’s currently playing with his Christmas presents.

The biggest thanks goes to you all for your sharing and support and sticking with us through the darkest of days. I will never be able to thank you as much as you deserve. You are truly amazing.

With all our love, from a very happy, exhausted and complete little family. Xxxxxx


Original post:- PLEASE HELP US FIND SEBI: We are distraught, metropolitan police have been less than helpful and have walked away.

Sebi – is now 18 weeks old. He is a whippet x Italian greyhound male.

He is fawn/blue brindle, 4 white feet, white tip on his tail, a wide white band like a collar round his neck, a white tummy and chest.

He is microchipped.

He disappeared from Hatherop Park in Hampton TW12 3BP on Saturday 14th September 2019 at around 6.45pm.

Initially we thought he was lost but a couple of sightings have placed him with travellers near nearby Oak Avenue Nature Reserve. Rumour has it that he has since been moved on out of the area to other travellers sites.

Please please help us find our baby. My 11 year is distraught as are we. We dread waking up without him every day.

There is a £5000 reward (No questions ask, we just want our baby home 💔) my number is 07876 333666

Thank you so much Karen.

Doglost page: https://doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=148502

Please support #PetTheftReform and #FernsLaw