Olly was stolen on 21st October, his tracker tag tells the story.


Stolen from

Chilton Oxfordshire/West Ilsley West Berkshire;

Olly is a wanderer. This is why he has a tracker, a collar with a tag of his name, our phone number & address.

I let Olly out on Sunday night 20th October 2019, he went to his usual haunts…

However at 5.15am someone took him as his tracker followed a road, and at a speed too fast for a cat.

Half an hour later his tracker was switched off. There were no network issues, battery 2/3 full, SIM data plentiful.

Olly LOVES the outdoors but loves coming home to his family for cuddles.

I appreciate Olly was miles away from any houses so someone might mistake him for being lost.

So why weren’t we called? Why was the tracker turned off?

Hence why we think he is stolen.

Let’s make him too hot to handle.

Whoever took him – bring him home, or drop off at your nearest vets.

No questions asked 💙

Stolen Monday 21 October. Someone took him, in a car & turned his tracker off (grey bit is where tracker was turned off, 5 miles from home) He does wander off which is why he has a tracker. I don’t chase him as he always comes home. He was taken between Chilton Oxfordshire and West Ilsley West Berkshire. Microchipped and neutered. Reported to police. Absolutely heartbroken. Please share far and wide

*call 07801374478


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#PetTheftReform Parliamentary Debate on 11th November 2019. Write or email your MP and ask them to attend.

#FernsLaw petition supporting families searching for their missing microchipped pets:- http://chng.it/pKPKg255