REUNITED !   ZOE: My stolen dog’s microchip was scanned on the 1st November and I can’t find out where she is!

REUNITED ! ZOE: My stolen dog’s microchip was scanned on the 1st November and I can’t find out where she is!

Welcome home Zoe 🐾❤️🐾. Zoe was sold on by Patricia‘s friends brother for £200.00, while they were supposedly looking after her. These are the friends you can do without! We thank the young man for doing the right thing and returning Zoe

This has been a tough one! Nothing seemed to make sense since the phone calls to Patricia on 1st November 2019.

Thank yous to Caroline Key for directing Patricia to us and highlighting Zoe’s story. Simon at PetTrac for your advice and for the police lady who helped Patricia.

Patricia fought hard and never gave up, so happy for her and her children, one very happy family. Keep safe 🐾❤️🐾

Message from Patricia:- So after 2 month fighting and looking look who is on the train with me she is exhausted confused but I’ve got my baby girl back thank you so much for everyone who helped us I can’t explain how much I appreciate everything what you all done for us Diane Kelly, Sue Williams,Dawn Ashley ,Debbie Matthews and so many of u I haven’t mentioned thank you ❤❤❤❤

One more bus and we are home!

Original post:

Last Friday, 1st November 2019, I got a call from the microchip database PetTrac and the Victoria Blue Cross Hospital. It sounds like the Blue Cross handed my dog Zoe over to someone knowing she was registered as missing to me on her microchip registration and then failed to cross check the name of the person claiming her and then they obviously didn’t ask for any proof of ownership! They called me because I am registered on Zoe’s microchip!

The microchip company said they know where the dog is but they can’t give me any information because the dog is not registered to me at my new address, although my mobile is and I must update my registration. I called the Blue Cross back and they said they know where my dog is!

What I still don’t know to this day is, how they know but say they can’t give me information when Zoe is my dog? All they said was they had spoken to the the person who has my dog and he said “I won’t give the dog back because I‘ve got too attached to her”! So that’s ok then? Zoe is my family dog and I want her home with me! 

I have all the papers from the vet I have all the proof that Zoe is my dog. 

I am so stressed out heartbroken and desperate to get her back. I don’t look at her as property she is my baby girl our family and we really miss her.

I’m in the process of updating my registration to my new address. The microchip is in lockdown so no one else can change it!  

Debbie from Vets Get Scanning and SAMPA is trying to help me and I’m turning to social media to raise awareness of the inadequate microchip system which is failing me in every way.  

Chiswick and Hammersmith Met Police reference number sent to Karen Harding Police liaison at Doglost.

Police are following this up but it’s taking so long! Confusion with Data Protection!!

Please sign #FernsLaw petition to support owners with missing microchipped pets and stop these stupid mistakes! The system is a joke, it must be changed:-

ZOE is a Female German Shepherd Dog Black And Brown (Age: Young Adult)

Missing from Cricklewood and Hammersmith, London, NW2 area, South East on Sunday, 1st September 2019

My friend was looking after Zoe for the weekend, while I was moving house. Her brother threatened to dump her in the park, I raced there and searched for hours. I haven’t seen her since.

CONTACT: 07548346404 or 07548346404 or Chiswick and Hammersmith Met Police on 101

Police Reference Number: 6025161/19

Doglost page:-