Maggie is back home safe and sound! #PetTheftReform

Maggie has been reunited with my auntie

Don’t think she has even spent a night out side, so clean, not hungry and very very happy to see everyone. So who ever had her THANK YOU for leaving her in a safe place to be found, only a street away.

As a family we cannot thank the community enough for all the searches and suggestions. The messages we have received is overwhelming. Preston Pans and beyond should be very proud!

To the two young girls who found her, you are both special stars, who were brave enough to get her from the garden. EVERYONE is so proud of you. 💖💖

Here she is proud as punch to be home 🐶🐾

Maggie in the newspaper:- Family appeal for help to find missing five-month-old puppy who went missing in Prestonpans:-

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Maggie has possibly been spotted in middleshot square and near Hasties Garage on 13/02.

We have been advised she will most likely be in a triangle radius from Wrigley park towards top pans area. So can we focus here. There is a lot of gardens, sheds and bushes to be searched. Even if we have searched once before , We need to look again. She will travel short distances then rest up. Keeping away from noise and people.

Please think like a pup 🐶 where would you hide? Where looks warm ?

Take smelly food, she will be hungry and only coaxed out by the smell of something yummy.

Remember be quiet no kids or dogs. And keep safe.

Maggie a lemon sprocker spaniel 5 month old pup went missing in PRESTONPANS area on 11th Feb approx 4.30pm

She was at wrigley terrace park when she was spooked by dogs and ran off towards red burn road.

Maggie has a collar on with a pink tag which holds her contact number. There was a retractable lead attached at the time of last sighting.

There have not been any successful sightings since yesterday which I find odd… please can we check our gardens once more, and shrubs be pulled back, if you know a neighbour isn’t in can we check there too?

I will arrange a search tomorrow if anyone is interested to come along and help let me know.

All appropriate people have been informed and have issued the advice that we keep this RED HOT! If any one has her they will sell so please be vigilant.

Feel free to mail me or join the help find Maggie page link below 👇🏼

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Anyone in Preston pans seen this 5 month old pup? Auntie has lost her at park. Has a pink tag on with a contact number on it. Name is Maggie, still has lead attached to her. Last seen top of red burn road . Please share