Lucy the cat from the Isle Of Wight, stowed away in a horse box and ended up in Scotland! Now back home.


I guess some of you know by now that Lucy is home! After she stowed away in a horse box to Scotland, it was the collective effort and support from this group that has got her back! THANK YOU! Thank you all SO much from the bottom of my heart.

For those who want to know… She travelled via ferry from the Isle of Lismore, via a borrowed cat box with my old neighbour. She was then transported by pet courier in a brand new cat carrier which was approved by the airline. Most of this was paid for directly from the funds we received via the crowdfunding campaign that you guys all donated to.

Flybe then flew her over for free with the help of The Observer newspaper. Wightlink granted us a free ferry so we could drive over to collect her from Southampton airport. We are extremely lucky and very grateful and Lucy has had the adventure of a lifetime… she was away for two whole months!

Lucy was quite the celebrity all day, being photographed, adored and treated to a huge hamper of cat treats (we are making her share them with Merlin, our other cat, so he doesn’t feel left out!)

Here she is back in her usual spot. She is adorably happy to be home.

Thank you all…

Happy Solstice