Lola reunited with thanks to Leicestershire Police #PetTheftReform

Lola reunited with thanks to Leicestershire Police #PetTheftReform

It was a paw-fect reunion yesterday as officers helped reunite stolen dog Lola with her relieved owners. 19th February’20.

The four-year-old miniature Daschund had been reported stolen from her home in Stanton under Bardon, Leicestershire on 29 January.

Enquiries had been ongoing during the past three weeks as Lola’s owner Lauren Wright also made public appeals for information.

And yesterday, this finally led to the news Lauren had been hoping for as information provided by a member of the public led to PC Mairead O’Hara and PC Mitch Smith attending an address in Brooks Lane, Whitwick, where they found Lola.

From enquiries, it was reported that Lola had been dropped off at the property a few days earlier. Enquiries remain ongoing into where Lola had been prior to this.

Mairead and Mitch took Lola to the vets, and thanks to her microchip, she was quickly identified leading to the next stop being made at Lola’s home – where there was an emotional reunion.

Lauren said: “Only a couple of days before I had been saying that I had given up hope. I didn’t think I was going to see her again.

“When we realised Lola had been found, we were just all screaming and the kids were crying. It was joy and just utter shock

“When Lola came home and was reunited with her puppies, she was screaming and crying. That was Lola showing how happy she was. She just wants to be constantly near us now.”

Lauren added: “It’s thanks to members of the public who helped provide information and contacted the police and then the officers helping to get Lola back. If we hadn’t have had such a great team, we wouldn’t have Lola back. Having her microchipped meant we could then easily identify Lola as mine.”

PC O’Hara said: “Acting on the information received and then realising we had found Lola was fantastic. It was wonderful to finally be able to reunite Lola with her owner. Our thanks go to members of the public who worked with us providing information helping us reach this happy ending.

There are concerns regarding Lola’s weight since she has been found and Lauren said lots of care and “TLC” was being provided to get Lola back to good health. She added: “She’s still Lola though. We’re so happy to have her back.”

No arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing into the report of the theft.