LIL LEGS REUNITED AFTER SEVEN YEARS: Can you help with her veterinary bill? #PetTheftReform


She was stolen from her garden and has been used for breeding! She’s had a trauma to her head making her eye pop out and the updated news is: “I’m afraid she’s going in to have her eye removed next week, thank you for everyone following her story and helping her x”. 22nd April 2022.

Operation booked in for Friday, 29th April 2022.

Lil legs is tiny and is a much loved pet thankfully home after all these years! Her owner on Doglost says “ She’s isn’t in best health, she has had surgery resulting in her being reunited. I have to say it’s amazing I can’t put in to words how it is to have her back.
She’ll be fine even if in the end she has the eye that’s operated on removed but you would never believe it that she still has the same dog temperament – I’m still in shock tbh”.

There is a ‘go fund me’ page to help pay for Lil Legs veterinary treatment, please help if you can:

Stolen: on 27 April 2015
From: Warden Bay, Isle Sheppy, Kent, ME12
Date Found: 29 March 2022
Where Found: Cambridge Vets4Pets
Date Reunited: 30 March 2022
Doglost link:

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