Found dog was stolen 11 months ago! Thankfully the family had just updated the microchip registration and Honey is now home. #MakeChipsCount #PetTheftReform


Honey was stolen on 28 July 2021 from Shrewsbury. She was found in Cheshire, matted and covered in fleas. Reunited through her microchip on 22nd May 2022. Great news.

How amazing this dog 💕She was stolen 11 months ago getting clipped tonight and owners are collecting tomorrow they’re made up, updated the chip 2 days ago when they changed phones , Carol pinchin who scanned is clipping her and keeping her safe tonight owners are absolutely made up , welcome home Honey 💕


We found this dog near the chimneys pub. She is extremely matted, has fleas & worms. It looks as though she has been abandoned BUT she may have been lost for quite some time (we hope this is the case and that she can be reunited with owners) We are currently waiting for the local dog warden to collect her… if anyone knows somebody missing a dog or knows who the owners could be please can you comment or message us privately.

She’s extremely friendly and we’re hoping for a happy ending!

Found update:

Everyone has asked about Honey and what happened so hope this answers questions , sorry I couldn’t reply to everyone ❤️
On Saturday I was tagged in a post of a dog that was found on a country lane in Ellesmere Port , Cheshire by a lovely lady Niamh Ferguson and her family
I offered to scan her in a hope she had a microchip to save her going to the warden
When we arrived we found Honey the Cavapoo to be in horrific condition due to almost 3 inches thick of completely matted fur
After scanning , her chip information said she was missing/stolen since July 2021 , she was only 6 months old when she was taken from a secure garden
Her owner was contacted immediately , and thankfully they had updated Honeys chip information just two days before
Her dad seemed very shocked , happy and couldn’t believe we had her in the van , cuddled up in my little friend Serens arms , I WhatsApped him to show him it really was her ❤️you can only imagine how he felt
We arranged for her to be collected the following morning and we got to work taking off the thick matted coat late that night
We found pieces of wire , shavings , twigs , thorns and food all impacted in her fur which had been rubbing her in places , and a scar where the wire was , she stood perfectly , dad still not believing it was all real rang me again so I WhatsApped him so he could see her getting clipped off
Her back legs from her stifle , hock down to her foot was so tightly matted her toes where cold and she didn’t have much feeling from her hock down , so had to massage her and get her to gently move her legs in proper position again
We finally finished just before 11pm
She had some supper got ready for bed and slept through the night , hoping she never shook her head ( when you clip off a matted dog they shake there heads as the circulation comes back to there ears , this causes haematomas in the ends of ears due to ear flaps hitting face ) so we put padding around her neck and ears to prevent it
5.30am following morning she had a very dark wee which the more she drunk got lighter it got so possibly she had been dehydrated too
7.30am bath time , and the zoomies begun 🤣
She had a little breakfast and waited patiently for her mum and dad
The rest is history 😍
She’s HOME , settled and will be going for a vet check on Wednesday
Thank goodness she got away , or was set free
I can say she was still a very happy girl , full of love which is a blessing considering what some stolen dogs go through in the hands of these criminals , if they only knew the torture these owners endure not knowing what’s happening or where their pets are , it’s cruel
I’m hoping groomers will start scanning dogs and more vets , so please check your pets details are up to date , and actually registered , contact wardens , your local fb lost and found pages if you see a stray don’t leave them without letting someone know or taking a picture
Well done Niamh for your kindness and helping her , and to the taggers , the sharers , you all helps getting pets home ,
Thanks for reading Honeys happy ending x

Update from family: HONEYS HOME back on her bench 10 months of worry over, dont know what she been through awful experience but she is safe now. tears, hugs, care. love. plays, food, vets tomorrow thankyou Carol pride of the port for your quick contact help and love you are a very special person that will stay in our heart and thoughts forever xxxx


Out of date records are one of the major barriers to reuniting pets with their owners. Although data from the PDSA suggests that approximately 10% of all keepers’ records are out of date, such records appear to be more common for dogs that were found straying. According to a report by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (2021), 63% of microchipped stray dogs collected by local authorities had an inaccurate database record.

Please check your microchip registration is correct! This is the list of UK databases that meet the Government’s standards:

When microchip registration is not correct:

🛑 If someone finds your dog and they discover a microchip but it’s not registered the finder could instantly register your pet in their name.

🛑 If a pet is involved in an accident, the family can’t be contacted.

🛑 If a pet is found as a stray and the animal warden can’t make contact the dog can legally be rehomed or put the sleep after 7 days.

🛑 If the microchip registration is incorrect or not registered on a UK database which meets Defra standards, you can be fined £500.

🛑 If you are registered on the fraudulent database allowed to trade in the UK and your pet’s microchip is scanned it will read as unregistered.

Please note there is now a FREE, approved by the Government, microchip database that does not charge to register or update contact information:

You can transfer your microchip registration to another database.


Closes tonight 20th May 2022.

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