Edinburgh dog owners warned after men in van use ‘a whistle to call dogs over’ in Portobello #PetTheftReform

Edinburgh dog owners warned after men in van use ‘a whistle to call dogs over’ in Portobello #PetTheftReform

Dog owners in Edinburgh have been warned to “be on the lookout” amidst fears of dog snatchers near Leith and Portobello.   

Dog walkers spotted two men acting suspiciously in a van, thought to be a white Mercedes Sprinter, in the Seafield area near Portobello last week. 

The men reportedly used “a whistle to call dogs over” – in what could be an attempt to steal dogs that are not on a lead. 

Ref Brzęczyszczykiewicz, who alerted owners and walks his own dogs in the area, said: “Please be on the lookout and keep yourself and your doggies safe.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, he added: “We are preparing laminated leaflets to attach all over Portobello and surrounding areas.”

Last week a family pet was snatched from Newhaven near Leith when its owner was subjected to an “appalling” attack. 

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Police are hunting the culprits but the female Shih Tzu West Highland terrier cross, named Eccles, is yet to be traced.