Dog Thief pleads guilty and is ordered to pay £200 compensation, £400 costs and received a drugs rehabilitation order and my dogs are still missing! #PetTheftReform


This is an appeal on the outcome of my Pet Theft case. We attended Leicester Magistates court, on 4th December 2018, where Danny Simpson attended court for the theft of my two Pugs.  Danny and Micky stole my dogs while we were away on our holiday with my family. They were builders who were booked in to do work in our home, yet waited for us to arrive in Spain and then they stole our much loved pets which had been in our care for several years.

My dogs Betty and Harry are still missing!

Danny pleaded guilty and got a drugs rehabilitation order, and had to participate in an activity for 15 days, £400 costs and £200 compensation to myself and family. Micky has a warrant out for him to attend court. Danny wasn’t even made to tell us where they are. This is bad in its self. It should have been an instant jail sentence. 

This is an insult to be honest. Our dogs are irreplaceable and priceless and this has had a big emotional impact on our family. We are worrying day in and day out about the welfare of our dogs. My children are devastated that they will never see their pets again, our 8 year old is receiving emotional support from her school and outside agencies.

Apart from the emotional distress, we had our family holiday ruined by these two individuals, which cost us £3500 and took myself and my partner all year to save hard for, we have spent well over £500+ on posters, advertising, petrol costs and time, and the dogs were worth £1000 each and even if we were to buy another two dogs, £200 wouldn’t even come close. (We could never replace them but I’m just giving you an idea on how low this sentence is!!)

I feel this sentence isn’t enough for the impact it’s had on us all as a family. They are live animals and part of our family, and they would have received tougher sentences for stealing a bike – which is a material item and can be replaced instantly. The fact is the £200 compensation is an insult for what we have lost. That crime should have never happened, I even gave him £200 that day for work that hadn’t been done (this crime had nothing to do with him being a so called ‘drug addict) This was just to get him a lighter sentence. If he was a drug addict he could have sorted himself out in jail!.

He should have most definatly had a harsher sentence, this certainly wasn’t a maximum penalty for him. This was a major crime that was commited (due to them being living creatures) they were a part of our family, and I feel like someone has taken our children away. This is why dog crime is so high in the uk, the risk is low as sentences are so low. You can steal a couple of dogs and just have to pay £200 compensation. I wonder how much he sold them for? The police have also put alot of time and resourse’s into our case and for the outcome to be so very low, the sentencing must be a big disappointment to them too.

I hope this can be looked at again. Please be advised I have contacted, Doglost, my local newspapers and have also written to my MP with this very disappointing outcome.

If you think #PetTheft is different from the theft of inanimate objects, and sentencing should include imprisonment, please sign and share the new #PetTheftReform petition 🐾❤️🐾

My 2 babies were stolen while we were on holiday.

I’m desparate to get them home.

Girl, fawn, 4 years old, microchipped.

Boy, fawn, 9 years old, microchipped.

Reward for any information, in confidence.

Please keep a look out for them and report to police or crimestoppers on 101.


Stolen from property in Glenfield, Leicester and sold on, LE3 area, Central on Thursday, 26th April 2018

CONTACT: 07400180829

Betty on Doglost:

Harry on Doglost:

Please write to your MP. We need protection for our pets!