Dog stolen from Toxteth, Liverpool is quickly reunited thanks to social media and the police #PetTheftReform


Andrew Myers Facebook post :- Last night someone kicked my door in and stole everything I own but also took my best friend Parker – he’s an English bull terrier who is fully black with white on his chest and toes. There aren’t many dogs that look like him in the whole world – EBT’s are usually all white. So if anyone sees a BLACK English bull terrier anywhere on earth please let me know because ethey have taken my best friend!!! They have also stolen thousands of pounds worth of musical equipment but I don’t care about that – all I care about is my best friend!!! Please get him back to me!!!

Lost in Toxteth L8 near smithdown so close to L7 and L15

A family member updated the FB post: Thank you everyone for quick response. I have spoken with Andrewโ€™s mum (my cousin) who has just let me know his sister has now got the dog and Andrew is with police, that’s why he not replied x


Petitions supporting families with stolen, missing dogs and cats, please check the following links to see if you have signed. Thank you:-

#PetTheftReform petition asking to Make pet theft crime a specific offence with custodial sentences.

#FernsLaw petition to make it compulsory to scan & check microchip ID to reunite stolen dogs & cats.