Dog stolen from car in Little Moor Clough, Egerton, Bolton, Greater Manchester #PetTheftReform


FOUND AND REUNITED: Too Hot To Handle – thank you Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Can everyone keep their eye out for my Barley please (golden labrador)

Hes been taken from littlemoor out of my car. Please if anyone sees or hears out I will personally reward you.

I’ve been told it was a group of people in their late teens early 20s, 3 girls and 1 lad (if I remember correctly) & Elliot White has been one of the names mentioned.

The police have been informed & are checking CCTV so I suggest whoever has my boy come forward and either tell us where he is or bring him back to where you have taken him.

He has serious separation anxiety and hasn’t been without me for a day in 3 years, he will be distressed beyond belief.

I’ve already been out looking for the past few hours, but I have my daughter with me and now have no choice but to stay with her and hope that someone finds him; or he finds his way back.

Please return my boy. I can’t sleep, I feel sick and do not know what to do!!!!

Call police on 101 with any information.