Suffolk Police need your help , are these stolen dogs? #PetTheftReform


These dogs were found during a police raid last month, they are either not microchipped or not registered correctly. If you think you recognise any of the dogs please contact Suffolk Police with proof of ownership on before 24th May 2021.

Full size photographs of all the found dogs are on this link:

PetTheftReform #FernsLaw

ALL THE DOGS SEIZED IN IPSWICH….IS ONE OF THEM YOURS…. All enquiries must be made by 24 May 2021.

Ipswich – Dog owners urged to come forward as investigation continues
Anyone who believes they can provide proof of ownership should email the investigation team by 24 May providing a full name, contact details and the image number which relates to the dog(s) in question. Please note, the email account will not be constantly monitored and the team will be unable to respond to any other enquiries regarding these dogs.

Proof of ownership can include the following:

•Veterinary/vaccination records clearly identifying the dogs.
•Pictures of the dog with any distinctive markings/scars/distinguishing features.
•Any details of microchipping – however, please note, all these dogs either do not have microchips or have chips which may not be correctly registered.
•Other pictures of the dog(s) which prove ownership during the dog’s life.
•Any purchase details, including details of where the dog was purchased from and/or receipts.
•Any records of reporting the dog(s) lost/stolen either to police or on other websites/charities.
•Some dogs are grouped into possible litter groups, but this is not necessarily the case