David’s family did not relinquish ownership of Rio. She was taken by the police for safe keeping but she has been rehomed unlawfully and without the permission of the family #PetAbduction #PetTheftReform


Original post 19th May 2024: This is Rio. She is David Condon’s dog, and she was removed from his house by Police when he sadly passed away a few weeks ago. Dave’s mum authorised them to kennel her for a few days until she could get to the UK to collect her.

Sadly, the police have either sold the dog, lost the dog, rehomed the dog, or given the dog to someone without the family’s permission, and there is now no trace of Rio anywhere whatsoever.

As you can imagine, the family is desperate to get Rio back. She lived with Dave in Huddersfield, but could have been sold or given to someone outside of this area.

We have been told that Rio was rehomed and the new owners will not return her to us.

Update from the family and Not a good One!! 20th May 2024:

The police have just sent me a text message stating that the new owners are not willing to return the dog and everyone including the police are taking legal advice.

We are absolutely devastated but won’t rest until Rio is home. I know David would be horrified at what’s happened and it’s for that reason that I will carry on fighting for justice and to get Rio home.

If you see her please contact the Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800555111

Please, if you have taken in a Black Labrador matching Rio’s description, please do the right thing and contact us. The Police did not have authority to rehome Rio.**

Have you acquired a black labrador bitch in the last few weeks, or do you know of someone who has? She’s almost 2 years old and is spayed.

Please share this post and contact either myself, Mick Condon or Sue Franks with any information. She’s a much loved pet and the family would like her back please.

We at the Stolen And Missing Pets Alliance have advised the family to contact DogLaw expert Trevor Cooper https://doglaw.co.uk


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