Coco stolen from enclosed hotel yard now reunited thanks to CCTV images #PetTheftReform



Amazing news!!!

Thanks to all your shares and the power of social media… We were pointed to a address in Preston where Coco could be with the woman who took him.

The information was correct and Coco is safely back with his Mum.

A million thanks to everyone and specially to Sammy!!! 👍

Original post:-

Little Coco has just been stolen from the enclosed yard at The Station Hotel, Preston by a woman wearing a pink coat and blue jeans.

He is on tablets from the vet and if he doesn’t have them will be ill by tomorrow and need veterinary care!

Please share and make him to hot to handle.

Not a great CCTV pic but we have more coming from neighbouring shops and businesses showing her face.

Any info contact Gillian at The Station Hotel.