CCTV image of Smudge the cat being stolen, then these three people leave him on a tram near #Rochdale #PetTheftReform


STOLEN CAT SMUDGE : CCTV footage of a girl picking him up. Believe girl got on tram with him at Failsworth and left him on the tram when she got off at Derker, Oldham, could possibly be in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, M35 area, North West on Monday, 3rd June 2020

Samantha Jane‎ : ‘these 3 people have took my cat from Failsworth and took him on the tram to Failsworth you can see on the cctv the cat is struggling to get away from them and the girl is holding him so tight my heart is broken they did this yesterday !!!!!! Please help me’

Will be very scared and disorientated.
CONTACT: 07858 822401 or 07926 479897


Did you find Smudge?
Do you recognise Smudge?
Did your friend or family give Smudge a new home?

PetTheftReform #FernsLaw

Video of theft:-

Make pet theft crime a specific offence with custodial sentences:-

Make it compulsory to scan & check microchips to reunite stolen dogs & cats:-