Cat thief caught on CCTV: After the footage was posted on social media, a man living a mile away found Gucci on Tuesday afternoon and contacted her owners #PetTheftReform


Mr Ali said: ‘We’re very happy she’s home. She seems a bit shaken up and isn’t herself but she’s OK.

‘I’m still angry and we’ve reported it to the police so hopefully they will investigate because what if this woman decides to do this to someone else’s cat?

Now the stolen property (cat) has been returned there will be no further police investigation.

If you believe cats should be included in the new pet Abduction offence created by the Government, please sign this petition to Extend the new dog abduction theft offence to cover cats and all kept animals:

#PetTheftReform #PetAbduction #DogTheft #CatTheft #MakeChipsCount

Prior to this new offence, pet theft was treated as a loss of property to the owner. This new offence will take into account the emotional distress caused to both the owner and the dog and will help judges’ ability to hand down more targeted penalties and sentences for pet thieves. A provision will also be made in the Bill to extend the offence to other pets (cats) in the future, should evidence support this:

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