Can you invite your MP to Gizmo’s Law Debate in Parliament?  #GizmosLegacy

Can you invite your MP to Gizmo’s Law Debate in Parliament? #GizmosLegacy


To ask your MP to attend the debate here’s what to do:-

Find your MP click on the link below, enter your postcode, and hit next to find their constituents address and email address. link:-

You can copy the template below or add your own words to express how you feel and include your own experience.

Dear ______MP,

My name:

My address:

My postcode:

My email


I recently signed the #GizmosLegacy petition along with over 107,000 cat and dog lovers:-

Councils are not systematically scanning all dead cats and dogs they find for a microchip.

As your constituent I’m asking you to attend the debate and support legislation that firmly fixes a procedure that councils must follow when they find dead pets on their roads.

There are plenty of incidents where pet owners have been searching for pets unnecessarily.

The logging of details, a microchip scan, and an attempt to contact an owner is not too much to ask. A few minutes of council time can save a lifetime of heartache searching for a pet that will never be found because they have been thrown away with the rubbish.

Please attend the Parliamentary debate for Gizmo’s Law on Monday, 17th June 2019 at 4.30 pm in Westminster Hall and help introduce the legislation that pet owners deserve.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Your name

I support #GizmosLegacy


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Pls @xxxxxx can you attend #GizmosLegacy debate 17.06.19 at 4.30 #WestminsterHall @HoCpetitions @MartynDaySNP @gizmos_legacy STOP COUNCILS THROWING AWAY OUR PETS WITHOUT CHECKING FOR A MICROCHIP 💔 email sent to your office


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