BRUNO DISAPPEARED FROM THE GARDEN: His air tag was found on the grass with no sign of him 💔 #PetTheftReform


Male French Bulldog Tri Colour, Tan Blue And White (Age: Young Adult)

Missing from Kings Drive, Leicester Forest East, Leicester LE3 area, Central on Wednesday, 30th August 2023

Our dog bruno has been missing (possibly stolen) since wednesday. His airtags last location was Kings Drive LE3.

The airtag was found unclipped meaning someone has taken this off, please can everyone keep an eye for any sightings of him alone or with someone.

His collar tag contains his name, postcode and contact number. He is microchipped!!

Please contact me if you’ve seen or are aware of any sightings of him! We are becoming increasingly worried

CONTACT: Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800555111

Or email
Ref: 186831
Doglost link:

Please sign the #PetTheftReform petition if you want the police and courts to have more powers to protect our dogs and cats:

#petsarefamily not property.
#PetAbduction #PetTheft #TheftByFinding #FernsLaw #MakeChipsCount #ScanMe