Bring Molly Home: BBC show highlights Tipperary family’s dog theft heartbreak #PetTheftReform


The BBC documentary shines a light on the spate of dog thefts across Ireland and the UK brought on by the pandemic

Two and a half years since their beloved dog Molly was stolen from their garden in rural Tipperary, the Eichholz family have had their heartbreaking story shared in a BBC documentary.

Their campaign to be reunited with their springer spaniel has amassed almost 24,000 followers on social media, each one continuously helping to piece together the puzzle of what exactly happened to Molly.

Molly was stolen on July 17 2020 while she was left out to go to the toilet along with the family’s other dog Millie, something the family had done routinely every day for years.

She was passed through several hands in Ireland before being taken to the UK – this the family know for certain.

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During the pandemic thousands of incidents of dog thefts were reported across the UK and Ireland. This is the story of Molly, one of those stolen dogs, and of her owner 23-year-old Ciara, who will never give up the fight to bring her home.

This BBC News investigation exposes the devastation of dog theft on its victims and investigates how this booming illegal dog trade has links to organised crime. With unprecedented access to an official investigator and brave volunteers working in the shadows, we unveil dog smugglers, puppy farms and illegal online sales.

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Female English Springer Spaniel Brown And White

Stolen from S.Ireland area, Southern Ireland

CONTACT: 353868040561 or 353851127069

MOLLY Doglost ID: 158628:

Contact Doglost: 0844 800 3220

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