BOO is back, thanks to social media #PetTheftReform

BOO is back, thanks to social media #PetTheftReform

BOO IS BACK!! I’d like to take a moment to THANK everyone who has supported, helped and shared our story. From what I can see our ‘Missing Boo’ post has been shared nearly 1,000 x across various platforms.

The kind words and support from people has been astounding and as a family we can’t thank you enough. Old friends, new friends and friends that I have never even met sent love and even went searching for Boo. Farmers, cyclists and walkers all helped when they saw me ugly crying around the area. I thank you all.

Just in the same way she vanished she has just reappeared. She wasn’t cold or wet which makes me suspect that someone has popped her back into our garden but we will never know and frankly all we are is grateful that she is back home, safe and sound.


Original post:

Hello all, I do hope you are keeping sane and safe during these times. We are having a bit of a nightmare. Our white pug puppy has gone missing. I don’t suppose anyone has seen her? Her name is Boo and she is chipped. Any help would be gratefully received xx

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