Beverley Cuddy, Dogs Today Magazine editor and SAMPA Patron heading up the Direct Line Dog Theft media day.

Beverley Cuddy, Dogs Today Magazine editor and SAMPA Patron heading up the Direct Line Dog Theft media day.

I think I may have to take rather a lot of vitamins…. looks like Thursday’s Direct Line Pet Theft media day is going to be a busy one!

Their PR team have been working their magic to get as much media coverage for the issue of pet theft as possible and I suspect – (pending other news like a royal baby making its first public appearance!) – it should get lots of coverage and encourage more people to sign the petitions and talk to their MPs about getting better deterrents. And hopefully be less gullible when buying pets and start to question the provenance.

I think this will be the third year we’ve hooked up with Direct Line and I have to say it really does help when a big company puts its back into a good cause – I wonder if it will encourage other companies to help with campaigns as actively?

I was expecting possibly a breakfast TV booking, probably Sky news and then back to back radio till noon – but they’ve just booked me a 3pm TV slot, too… I suspect I may need to find myself someone to do some running repairs as being regional TV news it will be in a cupboard with a remote camera and no make up person… and by then I’ll be knackered!

I am sure loads of others are booked for other media. I am told there is a lot of media interest. Debbie Matthews was brilliant on the telly last year and I am hoping they will be working her hard and all the other shining lights in this campaign. Ross Thomson is standing by and I am wondering if Marc Abraham will be doing some of the media too? APDAWG is really having a purple patch, so much animal welfare reform in such a small space of time. Wonder if Fabulous Finn can join in to give the dog voice on Thursday?

Wouldn’t it be great if some of the brave folk who volunteered to tell their story could result in some unifications?

Anyone else been definitely booked for anything yet? I’ve passed everyone’s details on.

Everything crossed we get a good push.

If anyone has any sway with Meghan and Harry can they ask them to dress the baby in a Pet Theft Reform T shirt? Just a thought, I am sure they’d be open to it!

Those petitions again to sign and share:

82k and climbing:

More details and how to get involved:

Lost, stolen, missing dogs?

Dr Daniel Allen’s recent paper on dog theft:

On Thursday Direct Line will reveal the latest stats on pet theft. It is embargoed till then

Our article in Dogs Today out on Thursday lists the totally inadequate punishments dog theft currently attracts.

Read the attached, Crimewatch used to say don’t have nightmares – but sadly that’s what all these owners are experiencing.

We need Pet Theft to reflect that it’s not the same as having your phone stolen. Pets are family. We need appropriate deterrents.