Attempted dog theft warning #PetTheftReform

Attempted dog theft warning #PetTheftReform

‘I cannot believe the call I’ve just had off my mum. Someone has tried pinching my Rosie. My mum caught them in the act trying to drag her over the fence by the scruff of her neck making her cry (rosie is hard as nails and doesn’t cry so she was clearly distressed.) Rosie is fine now, just a bit shaken. The police have been contacted and this is apparently a recurring thing over the past few days.

Please everyone in Accrington especially Burnley road area, watch your dogs carefully when letting them out! I’d hate for anyone’s dog to be taken. Stealing possessions is bad, but fury family members crosses the line big time!

Can’t wait to give my girl the biggest cuddle possible☹️’

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Warning Accrington, Lancashire