Attempted dog theft from Holcombe Village in Devon #PetTheftReform


WARNING !!!!! Please everyone can you check your gardens and garden gates are secure .We have just returned from our vets absolutely heartbroken over the awful injury our poor mini Dachshaund Molly has sustained . We have lived in the new builds since August last year and have an enclosed garden with high Walls and fencing . The vet believes some Scum bag has tried to pull Molly underneath our garden gate . She obviously made one hell of a noise and they released her having caused awful injury to her . Molly has bruised ribs and a drag burn mark down the left side of her body as well as an open wound on her hip 😭. The picture is to horrific to put up and I have no wish to distress anyone . Molly will recover physically it’s the emotional damage long term we are concerned about .

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