A FAMILY puppy has been stolen from a home in Hereford #PetTheftReform


Sammy Evans and her family have been left heartbroken after their Bella was stolen while she was at a friend’s home in Hunderton on January 18.

Ms Evans said the friend knew the suspects in question and let them in to the home, then Bella was forcibly taken.

She is a part of the family to her young children.

“The kids are heartbroken,” said Ms Evans.

Bella is a three-and-a-half-month-old American bulldog xl with blue eyes, her tail is all brown expect for the tip which is white, and she has distinctive white markings.

The family have worked to get her back by reporting the incident to the police and carrying out their own investigation.

A spokesperson from West Merica police said they are investigating the report and no one was injured during the robbery.

They have tracked her down to different locations. But once they find her in one place she is moved again, Ms Evans said.

The family is unsure if she is still in Herefordshire, but they are praying she is not sold.

She has not come into season so cannot breed yet, but the family think she may have been stolen for this purpose.

There is a £3,000 reward for Bella’s safe return home.


Newspaper article: https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/19882616.kids-heartbroken-family-dog-stolen-hereford-home/