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Write to your local MP:  The date is set for the Pet Theft debate on the 2nd July 2018, at 4.30 in Westminster Hall. This template letter is asking for your MP to support and attend the debate which is our very important next step in getting #PetTheftReform to protect our pets:- ‘Reclassification of pet theft, tougher sentencing to act as a deterrent and the sentencing council to not just consider the monetary value of an irreplaceable family pet’. Thank you for your help and support.

It’s really easy to write or email your MP and your help will go a long way: here’s what to do:-

To find your MP, enter your postcode and hit next to find their constituents address and email address.  Just click on this link:- http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

Feel free to use the template below, including your own feelings and/or experience of your missing or stolen dog, cat, horse or any other pet and include a poster.

MPs are far more likely to reply if they receive personal correspondence from you and don’t forget to ask family, friends and neighbours to write in, as the more letters they receive on one topic pushes the issue to the top of the pile.

Thank you


Dear ______MP,

Request from your constituent (add your name, address and postcode)

This issue is important to me because (personalise your request)

I recently signed the #PetTheftPetition to reclassify the theft of a pet to a specific crime in its own right and I’m happy to tell you it has achieved the required 100,000 signatures in just four months and the debate will be held on the 2nd July 2018 at 4.30 in Westminster Hall.

As one of your constituent I am asking if you would make yourself available to attend the debate and support the aims of the petition which are:

• Reclassify the theft of a pet to a specific crime in its own right.

• Review the sentencing guidelines for theft offences, so that where the theft of a family pet is involved, monetary value is irrelevant for the categorisation of the crime for sentencing purposes.

• Ensure that Police Forces are given appropriate guidance and training to recognise the need to properly record and investigate cases of pet theft.

Link to Dr Daniel Allen’s petition:- https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/212174

The 1968 Theft Act does not deal adequately with the theft of pets. The law conflates sentient animal companions with inanimate objects. Financial rewards and no questions asked (illegal under the Theft Act) have replaced legal enforcement. This law is outdated and needs to be amended.

The three points made by DEFRA in their response to the petition are frustrating, but reinforce the need for a parliamentary debate on pet theft.

First, DEFRA stated that there is maximum sentence of seven years in prison. Nothing close to this sentence has ever been given for stealing pets, SAMPA, co-authors of the petition, want a minimum custodial sentence to act as a deterrent.

Second, citing the revised 2016 sentencing guidelines, DEFRA refers to pets as ‘personal items’. Stolen pets should be recognised as sentient beings which also experience emotional distress.

Third, DEFRA point to compulsory microchipping as a way of making it easier for lost or stolen dogs to be reunited with their owners. They do not acknowledge that scanning microchipped dogs and cross checking microchip registration is left optional as previously stated by them, leaving a huge loophole in the system.

It is clear that with out these amendments to the legislation and uniform collation of pet theft by police forces this vile crime will continue to increase and cause suffering to the animals concerned and heartache to the victims.

Prior to the existing act, the Larceny Act 1916 classified the stealing of a dog in its own right and punishable by a fine, imprisonment or hard labour.

The enforcement of the aims of the petition re #PetTheftReform, will not require further legislation, as a simple amendment will suffice without hours of Parliamentary time or increased police funding.

I urge you to support this petition.

I look forward to your reply

Kind regards

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Sample tweet:

[@MPname] as my MP, please join @sampauk_ @Dr_Dan_1 for the #PetTheftReform debate on 2 July 2018 in Westminster Hall at 4.30