Stolen dog dumped with severe injuries #PetTheftReform

Stolen dog dumped with severe injuries #PetTheftReform


Vets have been in touch she has had wounds stitched up and in her front leg has nerve damage and cant feel pressure in parts of her leg. Could be bruised which is recoverable if its stretched its 50/50 of severed (which think is unlikely) it’s not recoverable, our vets have said it look like she has been pulled away from something causing her injuries, we will never know what has gone on why she has been gone all we know is that she definitely 100% been taken and dumped in measham what has happened in between we may never know! Thank you to everyone for your nice words x


vets are phoning us tomorrow morning to let is know how she is and how shes been overnight! Police are not interested even tho we have told them 2 men have been seen in our hedge the night before?!


She is with the vets and has to stay overnight, xrays all clear so no broken bones but she still cant walk from all her wounds!! Police wont do anything unless we can get a clear picture of who’s taken her!!

And to the “man” who rang me threatening me and asking if I’m on my own, I hope parts of your body rot and fall off you 🖕!!


for anyone wanting to know she may had been taken for baiting then dumped at 4am!!

She’s now with vets getting help she needs!

Pet Theft is a cruel and callous crime, we must get the change in law to make it a criminal offence. Please sign the #PetTheftReform petition:-



Black labrador stolen last night Friday 26th April!!

Markfield Leicestershire

£2000 Cash reward for safe return *NO QUESTIONS ASKED*!!

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