Tilly’s heartbreaking story 💔

It’s a nightmare we have provided so much evidence to police and licensing department but absolutely nothing has been done. It’s a shame Surrey Police and Reigate and Banstead won’t do anything to help us when we have the name of the man who stole and had Tilly for sale in #Horley #Surrey. We even have his ad and a video of him with her calling her by her name 😡

After all the information that was sent in to the licensing department with evidence of dog breeding nothing has been done !

The video is heartbreaking to see. He’s calling Tilly by her name and she’s responding but it’s not his dog to sell. Tilly is #stolen I don’t know how much evidence they want. Nobody wants to do anything that’s the issue 🤬🤬, and they won’t give us permission to share the video!

Have you been given any reason why they are not persuing the case? With that much evidence there should be no problem. He’ll just keep doing it otherwise. Could you make a complaint?

Good question, absolutely no reason whatsoever!

She was stolen from Sussex so Surrey Police don’t want to know .

Surrey visited site without a warrant 🤦🏽‍♀️ couldn’t get on so closed the case 😡

People don’t realise that it’s like having a child or family member abducted. Dog theft is incredibly distressing and traumatic. There must be some deterrent in clear cut cases like this, when there is ample evidence.

TILLY, Female English Springer Spaniel Liver And White (Age: Adult). Stolen from West Sussex on 7th September2018.

Tilly has been sold on: They can’t buy her back the person that had her sold her on and gave a name tho doesn’t have any contact number fb messsges nothing ! He lied and lied he knows but has blocked the family and everyone trying to find Tilly


CONTACT: 07969281868 or 07938071966

or call Sussex Police on 101

Doglost Page:- https://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=134311

This is a ridiculous situation, overflowing evidence and no one wants to help reunite Tilly. Please join us and sign the petition for #PetTheftReform now: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/244530