#PetTheftPetition reaches 90,000 – nearly there!

#PetTheftPetition reaches 90,000 – nearly there!

As of a few minutes ago, the petition reached 90,000 and now requires 10,000 more to get the 100,000 to trigger a debate in Westminster Hall.

A big thank you to everyone that has supported the petition so far.

Remember it is you and I and people like us who have got the petition this far but we need these extra 10,000 signatures to seal the deal!

Please can you dig deep and think of others that might just not have signed. We need their signature.

We all know someone that has had a dog stolen. It may not get their dog back but might bring some consolation if we get that 100,000 and reclassify pet theft as crime in their own right.

#PetTheft breaks hearts 💔