#PetTheft debate is on 2nd July 2018 in Westminster Hall at 4.30.  Please email your MP.

#PetTheft debate is on 2nd July 2018 in Westminster Hall at 4.30. Please email your MP.

At last the day we have all been waiting for! Now we must all write to our MPs asking them to support us and attend the #PetTheftReform meeting.

Pets are family, not things! The law currently doesn’t reflect this and looks at the pet’s purchase price when sentencing. While there is a maximum possible sentence of seven years for theft, pet theft rarely results in any custodial sentence.

Pet theft is therefore seen as a low-risk, high-reward crime and is on the rise.

Pets are priceless, irreplaceable and their loss wrecks lives. Only one in five stolen dog is ever recovered, people have no closure and are traumatised by the worry of what is happening to their pet – even if the crime is investigated, these cases rarely get to court and seldom result in a custodial sentence.

Will your MP be talking at the Pet Theft debate, Monday July 2nd, 4.30pm Westminster Hall? Do remind them! Here’s how to contact them, do email and tweet so they know you care about this. Use the hashtag #PetTheftReform

And if you copy this link you can send them the whole 8 page briefing document to their inbox – you can read it too if you like! http://bit.ly/PETTHEFTDEBATE


If your MP wants to know more there’s a #PetTheftReform drop-in on the same day as the debate; Room 10, Westminster Palace, from 1-4pm on Monday 2nd July. Photo opportunity for social media.

Template letter for your MP: http://www.stolenandmissingpetsalliance.co.uk/write-to-your-mp/


We are extremely concerned about the email sent out from the petitions committee giving 100,000 signatories the wrong information :-


“””Parliament debated this topic

Parliament debated this petition on 18 July 0002

You’ll be able to watch the debate online at parliamentlive.tv

Waiting for 736,294 days for Parliament to publish the debate outcome””””


Please note the #PetTheftPetition debate will be on the 2nd July 2018 in Westminster Hall at 4.30.

Thank you all.