Owner’s distress after therapy dog goes missing in Greenwich.  #PetTheftReform

Owner’s distress after therapy dog goes missing in Greenwich. #PetTheftReform

Daisy is a white and brown female Jack Russell terrier and went missing around Glenure Road in Eltham on October 18 around 11am.

Her own Carole suffers with rheumatoid arthritis and Daisy helps her a lot.

The Missing Paw Team is currently helping Carole search for daisy around Greenwich.

It is a volunteer organisation that has more than 20 volunteers who will go out and help search for missing pets.

It also offers support to owners during the troubled time.

Daisy is a special case, because she keeps being spotted in Greenwich.

She was last seen in Blackheath on November 3 and then in Greenwich park on November 4, but the team has no been able to get there quickly enough.

Carole is beside herself with worry and wants to see Daisy home and safe.

Daisy was wearing a dark pink collar which has darker pink embroidered letters and numbers on the collar, 50 Se96ld

She also has her owner’s telephone number on it.

Vicki Hudson who works at the Missing Paw Team has asked people not to call or chase Daisy if they spot her.

“She is currently in survival mode and so I would advise anyone who thinks they have seen her to call the owner on 07805 044072.”