Have you seen POLLY #PetTheftReform

Have you seen POLLY #PetTheftReform

Polly disappeared from Braunston, Rutland, East Midlands on 29th October 2018, she could be anywhere.

‘It’s too quiet at home. I have no-one sneakily thundering up the stairs to say hello in the morning, or to sit next to the bath, and want a drink of bath water(??!), when she’s not really meant to be there, or to get EXTREMELY excited when she hears the lorry or car keys jingle. No-one sitting on my feet while watching tv. Or hoovering under the table while the boys are eating! We are so worried and all miss Polly SOOO MUCH. 😞

£1,000 REWARD.’

CONTACT: 07759309010 or 07976271418

Doglost link:- http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=136246

If you are not your pets first owner, if you found, bought or rescued a dog or cat, please get the microchip registration checked. Sadly the dog or cat you call yours could belong to someone else 🐾💔🐾

#ScanMe #CheckThatChip #TheftByFinding #PetTheftReform