Celebrities, Sir Bruce Forsyth, Paul O’Grady, Peter Egan, Paul Ross and Marc Abrahams send messages of support for Dog Theft Awareness Day.

Celebrities, Sir Bruce Forsyth, Paul O’Grady, Peter Egan, Paul Ross and Marc Abrahams send messages of support for Dog Theft Awareness Day.

“When my daughters dogs were stolen in May 2006, we were devastated and shocked that anyone could commit such a cruel crime!  After a large publicity campaign and a live appeal on GMTV, the two members of the public who have bought the dogs in good faith came forward and Debbie was, thankfully, reunited with Widget and Gizmo. We have been campaigning for changes for nearly 11 years!  We can’t thank MP Gareth Johnson enough for his support and for hosting Dog Theft Awareness Day.  Our dogs need to be protected and vets must start scanning and checking microchips to make sure Pet and Owner match, what’s the point in microchipping if they don’t!   

” The anguish and pain caused to owners of stolen dogs is unbearable to think of! Our dogs are family members and can never be replaced. I hope the Stolen And Missing Pets Alliances (SAMPA), Dog Theft Awareness Day will enlighten all MPs about the help needed to stop this growing crime. Stronger deterrents with better detection is needed and the scanning and checking of microchips which will help reunite these beloved dogs with their heartbroken owners. “. Paul O’Grady StolenAndMissingPetsAlliance.co.uk. #DogTheftAwarenessDay

“I have five rescue dogs. Over the years I’ve lost 6 dogs to old age but luckily never any dogs lost or stolen. It is a thought which terrifies me. I have met people, when walking my dogs, searching for a lost pet. The fear and anguish they experience is heartbreaking. Dog theft is on the increase, either by demand for a certain breed or, even worse, by those appalling criminals who steal dogs to use for breeding ! If I lost a dog and it was never found, I know I would spend the rest of my life with a hole in my heart, full of fear and anxiety, it is a horrible thought.” Peter Egan, actor & animal activist.  

“Dog theft is a cruel and callous crime that tears the heart out of families – a vile act perpetrated by evil people. Time to make the punishment fit the crime.” Paul Ross, broadcaster.    StolenAndMissingPetsAlliance.co.uk.   #DogTheftAwarenessDay

Marc Abraham TV vet, animal welfare campaigner, and founder of PupAid’s campaign to end puppy farming says “Dog theft is a growing crime in this country, with all dogs of any size and breed being vulnerable; basically no dog is safe. In my opinion as a profession vets have a duty to educate dog owners of the dangers of dog theft, how best to protect their four legged friends, as well as scanning and checking microchips to help reunite stolen, stray, and missing dogs, as well as dogs that have been sold on.” 

The first Dog Theft Awareness Day is being held at Portcullis House on 14th March 2017.

Hosted by MP Gareth Johnson supporting the work of the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance (SAMPA) 

MP are being asked to attend and being asked to sign our pledge board to help with the current sentencing inadequacies and the need for compulsory microchip scanning and checking.